This page is all about “Affordable fashion for men”!!!!!!! Isn’t that interesting…..Who said fashion is expensive rather who said being fashionable is expensive. If you want to look good and classy but don’t want to spend too much, you are at the correct place. Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable. “Let nothing come in your way to style n success just glide through “Looksuavespendwise” and derive inspiration , get your queries answered and let me help you frame your style to any important event that comes along.

  • What makes this blog different?

Well, after many months research i founded that, there are many blogs on fashion, men’s fashion etc. but none of them talk about or focus on the budgets and affordability of the fashion. Here, i have focused on  the budget as well as fashion both, not neglecting the classiness too.

This blog will also keep you guys updated about the sale periods too.

  • Why should you follow this blog?

This blog is purely realistic. Most of the pictures will be mine, not of any muscular or very good looking model, so that my followers can get the exact idea how the style, look or fashion will look on them. Most of the bloggers generally  have the tendency of posting pictures of good looking models which actually confuses the followers wether the style will look good on them or not.

P.s I’m not saying that i am not good looking or so. Common ya, i am also good looking and smart.hehe…..

Note: Guys pictures can be of trial rooms as well, as its not possible for me to buy every stuff. LOL… i will just do that to keep you guys updated and it might hit your brain and you might like to keep that stuff in your closet.

So keeping everything in mind, I’m here with my blog. clapsss clapss!!!!!

So lets get started…..

“Now men’s class needn’t be in green papers only”