Welcome everyone to look suave, spend wise. i’m Aditya Jain, a kolkata- based guy.

I am currently an engineering student and pursuing my from kolkata and considering to continue my studies and complete a master’s degree.So let me be frank, along with my studies i do NOTHING. I just chill,relax, and enjoy the worldly pleasures. So one day a thunderstorm passed and an idea of writing a blog struck my mind. So yes now i am a blogger too. I always had intrest in fashion and style stuff. Yes, i can say that it intrests me a lott. So at times i do think that what I’m doing in” IT SECTOR”. Here i must mention that, the phrase whatever happens, happens for good is helping me a lott. LOL!!!

So i dedicated months to research and gain sufficient knowledge about affordable and classy fashion and finally decided to start my own blog to share my unique and experimental sense of style with public.

It’s that time when all you need is the perfection of a look, from clean lines on your trousers to the quirk on your socks to the band on your hand just putting them together and adding that element of panache is what Adit’s about. Make sure to get it right to take your wardrobe and style a notch up with ease with daily updates from your very own “Looksuavespendwise”.

Sayan Sadhukhan-Man behind the  camera lens:


He tries to make me look more handsome by getting the best out of me through his camera.

So welcome to the world of affordable glamour and style statements of your individuality and let sails through fashion in the most suave way!!!!!