Christmas without rich Christmas cake is incomplete, and i was so glad to be a part of this ceremony with “The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata” on 6th November 2015.

For those who don’t know, traditional cake mixing ceremonies date back to the 17th century. In those days, fruits and nuts were harvested and mixed,and then saved for the next season with a hope of an abundant year ahead. This ceremony has now become such an important event for families to come together with friends to have fun soaking dry fruits in Rum or Brandy. It’s a ritual that marks the first step of making the traditional Christmas plum cake.


The venue looked vibrant with eminent personalities swarming large trays of dry fruit, tutti frutti and nuts.I truly felt like a kid at a candy store and couldn’t stop grinning. A classic Christmas Plum cake sure needs it’s kick, so for that the table was well stocked with Rum, Whiskey and Beer. Each guest was given an apron and a chef’s hat and soon everyone got to the mixing table.


The tray had  tutti frutti, almonds, cashewnuts, prunes, dates, raisins and cherries. We had chefs around to help us. Soon we were instructed to mix the dry fruits. We wore the gloves, and everyone dug in, mixing with all their might. Then came the booze! It was time for the bottles to be popped open and emptied it into the mixture.  I added a bottle of Whiskey and wine to my tray.





Preparing for Christmas, the dried fruit mixture will be placed in a secure place at the in-house bakery, to soak in all the liquid and mature beautifully in time for December and will then be used to make delectable cakes, cookies and puddings.

The ceremony was preceded by  wonderful brunch. There were  yummy goodies on the tables.






What i wore:

Well! this ceremony is like a semi-formal joyous ceremony. So i chose a formal blazer and mismatched it with a different colour casual  trouser and a semi formal shoes to keep the tinge of casualness in my attire.(Refer to my previous post on formal suits  to get the entire details).

It seems The Lalit Great Eastern is just gearing up for a great holiday season. We can’t wait to eat the fruits of our labour come December. Here’s to an awesome and joyous Christmas.

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Adit 🙂





Written by Aditya

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