Well! a man is incomplete without his dapper outfits. Want to go out for a casino ride or  for a play of snooker?Choose a dapper outfit. Dapper in the sense classy,royal and stylish. I personally avoid wearing suits in summers and here at kolkata, the weather is really very humid. So  i experimented something, matched my plaid classic shirt with my printed trousers. and it turned out really well. For shoes i chose my plain brown brouges. One can always experiment with our belt,cufflinks and accessories to give that royal touch  to our outfit.

I chose my simple brown brouge, to maintain the uniformity and avoid the messiness at the end, as my trouser is already printed.

What i wore:

Shirt : SISLEY, Pant: FOREVER21(men’s line), Shoes: WOODLAND, Belt: FERRAGAMO, Cufflinks:LOUIS VUITTON, Wristband: Online(KOOVS).

Now to match that impeccable outfit you need that amazing scent that suit you. And you are all set to step in the casino, and steal many hearts. 

So keep exploring your closet and yeah enjoy your day! 😉

Yours suavely:


Written by Aditya

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