Stay simple and suave with prints and shades ideal for a pool party. LookSuave presents you inspirational outfits from designers across the world.

Detailed with combination prints in cool colour scheme, this men’s kaftaan is looking suave from the collection of Dolce & Gabbana.

Instagram: @dolcegabbana  Keeping it simple and significant in solid colour and printed combination in cool colour scheme, the outfit can be a voguish choice from the collection of Dolce & Gabbana.

Instagram: @dolcegabbana

Combination of neon colour white and prints, layered together as a silhouette option in which one can always stay suave. LookSuave from DSquared2.

Instagram: @dsquared2

Printed and solid colour combination is always evergreen because one always looks suave in the outfits combination. Creating an emphasis with an outfit and an abstract printed neon jacket from DSquared2.

Instagram: @dsquared2

Neon shorts-suit is an ideal option for a pool party, with great colours popping out keeping it simple and suave from DSquared2.

Instagram: @dsquared2

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