Outfit: Balmain | Instagram: @balmain
Traditionally, gender has been defined as masculine and feminine – two poles – when, in reality, it’s a spectrum. Gender-fluid fashion gives expression to every nuance on that spectrum.
In the past few years, the world’s more forward thinking fashion brands have become increasingly eager to attract a new, young audience which views gender with more fluidity than generations prior.
LookSuave presents you top five picks gender-fluid fashion from designers across the world.

Detailed with printed florals, and pleats, the outfit looks inspired from the victorian allure.
Outfit: Palomo |  Instagram: @palomospain
Semi-formal outfit with a whole new vibe.
Outfit: Fendi | Instagram: @fendi
Casual Outfit with a twist of prints and stripes together.
Outfit: Dolce & Gabbana | Instagram: @dolcegabbana
A classic Outfit with an organic fall on it’s sleeves, making it stand-out.
Outfit: Ports 1961 | Instagram: @ports1961
Street style fashion got a new definition.
Outfit: Dior | Instagram: @dior
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