A young dynamic individual,who is driven to hone his skills, Sidney Ho, today is the creative director at Toni&Guy in Kolkata. Its always great to to interview such expert stylists. With “looksuavespendwise”, he shares his ideas on men’s hair and its latest trends.


According to Sidney,many guys do not really pay too much attention to the treatment of their hair, and yet they love it when that cute someone compliments them on their locks or gives him a sexy caress. We all want our locks to last a lifetime but we might not be doing enough to preserve them in the best shape possible, so spend some time learning about the care and upkeep of your hair that will pay a lifetime of dividends.

What is the Secret behind good and shiny hair  and clean scalp?
A secret behind clean scalp and good hair is cleansing and conditioning it daily.As your face needs to gets cleansed everyday,so does your hair.

How often should one wash our hair and with what type of shampoo?

One should wash our hair daily. We must choose our shampoo according to scalp type and conditioner according to hair type.(0ne must always consult a stylist). A common problem of dry hair can be removed by using hydrating products .

Which product one should use to style our hair?

Depending on the type of look you are looking for. For natural finish go for soft hold cream,for matte finish look wax and paste are the best.If you are looking for gloss and wet look always use a gel.

Is applying product harmful?

Applying product is not harmful at all. But,by the end of the day when we go of to sleep one must cleanse   make the hair product free.

How to avoid hairfall?

Using correct product, maintaining a good diet and a healthy lifestyle prevents hairfall. Infact, one must always go for a hair and scalp treatment once a month to maintain a healthy and good scalp.

Is oiling your hair necessary?

Oil is not effective for hair, it just act as a lubricant during oil massage. And oil massage is just for relaxation.

Do you believe in home made products or home remedies for betterment of hair ?

According to me,home made products or home remedies are all myth. Because anything raw is not good for the health and for your hair. Everything needs to get processed before use.

Latest hairstyle for men?

Undercut, Manbun,corporate look, textured top cut.

Which hairstyle will suite me?

As of now, Manbun (laughs).

How often should we go for a haircut?

3 weeks to maintain your style.

Suitable hair colour for men?

Shades of cool brown more towards natural finish colour(sunkissed look).

Tell us about your current role as a creative director?

Everyday as a creative director,i have to supervise the smooth functioning of the salon,which includes client consultation,supervising the new joinees,handling difficult clients as you(laughs) and last of all carrying out brand building exercises for the salon.

We thank Sidney for lending us, some time from his busy schedule and sharing his ideas on men’s grooming.

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