As Style is about more than the clothes you wear, similarly a progressive man is more than a man with liberal thoughts. He is not just all about the progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc. but much more than that . I feel men has taken progression in life so seriously that they somehow lack that style,that look which plays a vital role in portraying that progress. Society’s paradigm of a progressive man is all about progression in thoughts. But i want to set a new paradigm, which is an exquisite fusion of liberal thoughts and style.

So LookSuave in collaboration with GIOVANI unveil the looks of the “PROGRESSIVE MAN”.

Giovani  is a traditional custom-tailoring shop which offers classic and elegant clothing, tailored with a refinement in the cut and outstanding workmanship. You will find their clothes to be of finest quality and, ultimately your best investment. It’s sumptuous fabrics and the Italian cuts gives you a perfect dapper look.

The new tradition from Giovani 2016  is all about pastel colors and geometric patterns.


Whenever vintage elements meets sophistication,a progressive man is born.


Colors from similar family was my pick from the store. The pastel colored check patterned blazer was my first pick, in accordance to which i chose my shirt and trouser,which added that element of panache in the entire look. Tints of pink is definitely a good investment this season.


My next pick was again a pastel-colored check patterned Nehru jacket. Being really subtle, pastel shades  portray classic fashion,making it perfect for both day and night parties. The majestic grandeur and the simplicity of the outfit was enhanced my its premium fabric and exceptional comfort.


For a majestic fit,all aspects of hand tailoring which includes: hand-fitted armholes and shoulder settings, hand-sewn in collar and sleeves, and hand sewn buttonholes, should be applied to get that regal splendour look. Enjoy the elegance and the comfort of custom tailored clothes from Giovani,and wear clothes that will be an expression of your taste and fits you personally, and be a real progressive man.

Photography: Lensing My Soul By Darshana Banthia 

Text: Aditya Jain

In The Pics: Aditya Jain

Outfits: GIOVANI, Elgin Road,Forum Mall, Kolkata.
Written by Aditya

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