Not many places are there where early in the morning sun plays hide and seek between the hills, the morning sunshine kisses your forehead, welcomes you and wishes you good luck for the trip. Away from all the traffic, noise and pollution, it is hard to believe that a place like this could exist just 290 kilometers away from Delhi. The queen of hills warrants your attention much longer to be able to enjoy it with leisure and pleasure even if it is for 4 days.


The subsequent road journey to Mussoorie is no less than a travelers paradise, began 290 kilometers away from there at New Delhi. The roads to Mussoorie are well maintained, small hut shape houses built across the hills polarise your fascination about nature and living calm and serene life.

Reaching early in the morning is suggested to fully utilise your day in the lap of the hills.


Travelling through the rocky, hilly terrain by car, I have reached this paradise amidst the clouds where Fortune Resort Grace became my first destination.

Set in Gahrwal Mountains, this elegant, modern resort had a very warm ambience. The refined rooms had wooden floors, proper technological facilities, and mini bars, whereas, upgraded rooms add valley views.Later during those days while exploring, I escorted myself at the Jaypee Residency Manor where I stayed for the last two days. It is set 9 kilometers from the Bhatta Falls, has stylish rooms, and the resort also features a refined restaurant with terrace seating, a cocktail lounge, a billiards room along with a spa and indoor pool.


I had an amazing time at the Kempty Falls, it amazed me. I got captured in the moment. It offers a remarkable view as the water dropping from a height of about 50 feet, flowing through five cascading falls in the downstream.

Thereafter, while exploring the terrain, I reached Dhanaulti. It is situated on the Mussoorie-Chamba road, at an altitude of 2,250 meters, i.e. approx 30 kilometers from Mussoorie at the uphills. It comes as a pleasant surprise for the enthusiastic weekend travelers, who find it peaceful, relaxed and laid back.


Happiness is finding a chillin’ zone when you are hanging out with your bunch of humans. The place had a relaxed and peaceful ambience where I had a nice time talking and enjoying the view. It is located away from the crowds, busy market place and pollution. It is the base point for numerous treks into the snow capped Himalayas, especially to the Tehri region of Garhwal.

The source of refreshment during those days was the regional food of the hill station. One enjoyed munching upon rice and kidney beans (Rajma), and the momos of the place.


My vacation at this beautiful place into the clouds couldn’t last long where I had an amazing time watching the sun playing hide and seek between the mountains, the road trips, and the places I explored during my visit. It was time to head back home and plan my next visit for a longer time.

Written by Aditya

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