Legacy of Bengal is all about its rich heritage, and repository of its culture and traditions. Influenced by this Ambrish Damani, a label hailing from Kolkata since 1999, unveiled its latest collection “Shidur”. LookSuave was glad to be a part of the Shidur preview ceremony, with the other fellow bloggers. As the name itself is so traditional, the ceremony was not less than the same. It included the essence of ancient Bengali heritage which beckoned us louder than the beats of Dhak.



With handcrafted festive wear Ambrish Damani’s collection showed that the difference between style and fashion is quality. The organic cotton blended silk kurta embellished with pleasing embroidery, was alluring. A slash of red banarasi over the cotton silk was one of my favourite from the collection. The blend of red and golden accent of the dupatta and kurta was effortlessly stylish and poise. On asking Ambrish about his inspiration behind the intricate embroidery, he said, he saw somewhat similar kind of detailing in his grandmother’s attire which was 80 years old, amazed by such an amazing and skilful craftsmanship he applied the concept and blended it with his creative thoughts. His collection Shidur reflects the traditional crafts and unconventional chic glamour.

Ambrish Damani is known for his simple and suave designs which are not only very wearable and comfortable but also traditional and stylish. The designs cater women of every age, a genre/range for every occasion.


With the designer himself

I was so happy to attend this blogger’s meet,  as i was provided with beautiful goodies as well (laughs).


Make this festive season stylish and memorable, let’s celebrate. Find their festive collection and to know more about this label, kindly visit their website www.ambrishdamani.com.


Blogger’s family

P.S :-     Happy Diwali!!!!!


Photography: Adisha Jain Photography
Event: Blogger's meet by Ambrish Damani co-hosted by PenTwister
Written by Aditya


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