It has indeed been exciting in these past few years to see a dissolution of old gender paradigms in fashion beyond the color pink, from an increased awareness of trans lives to a wholehearted embrace of the ambisexual wardrobe.
Fashion has embraced pink as a power color for men lately. As a result we’ve been seeing a surge in popularity of a pink colour palette in menswear.
Pink is taking off in all the sections of outfit divisions ranging from formal wear to sporty style. The color has once again returned as a fashion friendly, gender neutral color.
LookSuave presents you glimpses of pink conquering in every section of the outfits. Casuals, semi-formals, formals, sporty, and ethnic, we found pink everywhere. It takes a man to wear pink, and pull it off. It may not be an easy color to sport for men but it’s totally worth it.
The Cover: Featuring Indian Superstar Ranveer Singh in Tom Ford for Vogue India.
Look 1: The colour Pink and Men’s Casuals.
Outfit: Louis Vuitton | Instagram: @louisvuitton
Source: @voguemagazine
Look 2: The semi-formally pink.
Outfit: Alexander McQueen | Instagram: @alexandermcqueen
Source: @voguemagazine
Look 3: Pink in Formals, a whole new vibe.
Outfit: Tom Ford | Instagram: @tomford
Source: @voguemagazine
Look 4: Sportingly Pink.
Ever thought if pink came into sports ? It would have been a real game.
Outfit: Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton | Instagram: @virgilabloh
Source: @parisrunwayready
Look 5: The ethnic attire in the mid-function of a big fat Indian Wedding, displaying various hues of pink.
Outfit: Sabyasachi | Instagram: @sabyasachiofficial
Source: @ranveersingh
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