Wedding ka season hai, oh ballee!!!! dance ka season hai!! Haha!! It seems i am still in the wedding mood. Well, family weddings are always great and memorable. As you all know, it was my brother s wedding and i just cant wait to share the pictures with you guys. I ‘ll definitely do that soon once i’ll get it.

My favorite part of the wedding was the sangeet and cocktail hour, even though I didn’t get to drink much of it!lol!! And my favorite moment was dancing on the dance floor surrounded by all of our friends and family. It was magic, like you could feel and see the happiness glowing around us.

This is what i wore for the sangeet ceremony. Keeping it simple and decent, just played with the colours.



I loved my sangeet dress because it was all of those things which i like. The designer, myself, made it more classic/romantic by playing with the colours . The cotton lycra material at the bottom felt very comfortable,allowing me to dance freely. The bottom was made in such a way, that it could be used as a trouser as well.





Wedding dresses comes at a great expense, so it becomes very important to choose your attire wisely. I am sure, you’ll not be willing to spend a huge amount on clothes until and unless you are not the bride or the groom.


What i wore:

The attire has been designed by myself and is obviously budget friendly. For more details or to get your attires designed by me at a nominal rate,kindly contact me.

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