Beside hangouts with friends and family ,another thing I did this past week was spend A LOT of time thinking about New Year’s Eve party outfits.Frankly  speaking I just couldn’t wait to get back to my writing.

So “main kya phenu” (what should i wear)?

The most important thing is to dress according to the event and the venue.

For example:

If you are heading to a classy venue,  wear your suit.


Give your work suit a break, and look for a suit that cuts a little closer,little shorter and a little sharper. Some folks might call it a cocktail suit. I prefer to think of it as a lady killer suit.


Remember “the key to success is contrast“.


While a staunch suit looks the best, i suggest you try something new. Invest in lighter colours or try big checks with thin lines (windowpane checks) that are so in right now! Leave out the tie and undo a couple of buttons to look in sync with the festive mood. 


If it’s a HIP HOP ROOFTOP PARTY in the winter with bonfire and everything, there’s nothing better than leather jackets. Team it up with denims and a casual check shirt and boots and you’re set!

If there is a  HOUSE PARTY, but with informal setting, go for the comfortable look. Stick to the jeans & tee-shirt look and be set to ring in the New Year with your friends.

If you are going to to a CLUB, a blazer or a funky bowtie would be fine.Style it up with your lighter shade jeans and a shirt.

So i hope this post will help you to answer your question “main kya phenu”.

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And have a fabulous new year!!!!!!!!!!!;)

I am ready with my outfit……Are you?

Yours suavely




Written by Aditya

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  1. nishant December 30, 2015 at 2:14 pm Reply

    keep it up.

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