Girls think about yourself waking up in bed one morning and yelling for coffee and then suddenly u realize shit!! I am married!! Freaked out right!!

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Gone are the days when getting married used to be one of the biggest concerns for Indian women as soon as they reached early 20s. Marriage is scary to many women, but instead of confronting their fears, they choose to avoid the topic altogether.


#1. Loss of independence


Like guys even girls are scared of loosing their freedom.  How can you expect girls to be different. They fear that none of their plans will ever be made without wondering about what their husband or in-laws will say, just instils the anti-marriage thoughts in their mind.

#2. No more pampering


No more “LAADO” of anyone. No more “saun chidhiya”(golden bird). Instead of receiving pampering giving pampering takes place. Moreover, the constant reminders from their mothers saying things like “your mother-in-law will not bear your tantrums like I do”, is simply enough to freak them out.

#3. Career dilemma


Have to depend upon their in-laws for their career as well. Moreover, no one likes a halt or break in the career for which they have worked so hard.

     #4 AUNTY?


NEVER!! The fear of becoming an aunty haunts them. And you know for girls the word aunty is a slang.(“Aunty hogi teri maa”).

#5The correct guy.


They are afraid of getting attached to a guy who has dual personality. ” Deciding if the person is “right” has much to do with how high of esteem you hold them in.The fear of being cheated haunts them completely. They  do not want to deal with a lying, cheating man. They ‘d rather be alone or just date without any strings attached.


We want to be with the absolute best person for us. Keep searching .  Not  settling for anything less than the best.


Gone are those days when girls wanted a gentleman to come on a white horse, now they want guys in white Jaguar.Well, many remains confused what type of guy they exactly want. Where to make adjustments? Looks, money,love, what?? Uhh!! Forget it bunk! And prefer a nightout with their girlfriends.




After seeing so many breakups and rough marriages of friend ,relatives, they actually prefer to stay single.


But at the end, girls are the sweetest creature made by god. God has made them so flexible that ultimately they adjust after marriage and  try to be deeply loving and devoted as a wife, daughter, sister in- law. Let’s raise a toast for them.

Hope you enjoyed it girls.

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  1. Torn January 25, 2017 at 4:24 am Reply

    That’s really shderw! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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