Women are said to be difficult to understand. But the same seems to be true for the guys. Have we ever pondered enough on why are guys so scared of marriage? Is it that they wish to remain their mamma’s boys? Is it plain immaturity that he doesn’t wish to start handling responsibility?


Friends With Benefits concept.


Most of them  feels why to get married when we can get s*x easily!

Men see marriage as restricting freedom.


Men cherish their freedom. Marriage threatens that and brings with it serious responsibilities. The child in a man wants to exist longer and the thought of being domesticated may be intimidating to some men. Women who make heavy demands on a man such as to account for his whereabouts, to adjust his personality, to give up his partners or to stop his vices or hobbies that he has lived with and enjoyed for years, confirm in the mind of a man that marriage strangles freedom.

Just NO.


No explanations, no arguments, no counseling required. The term scares the hell out of us. We are NEVER ready for it.#humsenahopayega(wecantdoit)

KIDS?Are You Serious!!!


We love children. Honestly, we do. But, we are usually not the kinds who want to nibble their toes the moment we see them. And we usually only love the kids of our family. We NEVER get a ‘fatherly feeling’ when we look at kids. We never think of having kids. First, because we are scared that we will forget or drop it somewhere and you will kill us. Second, the added responsibility it brings. Baby food, baby clothes, baby’s school fees equals added expense resulting into added money and added STRESS. And third, JUST NO! It changes everything between the couple. A tiny little thing looking at us with dreamy eyes and calling us ‘Daddy’, okay Run!

Loss of Bachelorhood.


We love our carefree, bachelor lives. Those late night beer parties and playing games on our X-box in boxers for hours gives us a sense of liberty. Also, we can flirt with anyone we want and can get out of a relationship if it’s too taxing. How do we do that with a marriage? You get out of a relationship, you are still a bachelor. You get out of a marriage and you are a divorcee. What! No, we cannot do it. Sorry.

Men want to own house and a good job before they get married.


The average man would live common law without owning a house but he prefers owning his own home and be in a state of predictable income before he marries. Well you know in today’s setting that could take forever. So men may very well get married upon retirement.

Men are scared of loosing their privacy and time with their friends.


Bad past relationships.




I just can’t get into something like that again! Still traumatized!!



Men are stuck between arrange marriage and love marriage.The one who can adjust with family or the one whom i want.. And at the end become frustrated and prefer having a beer.

P.S: Women, no offence meant. It’s all in good humour and honesty.

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